What is ZOBBER ?

We help you transform your passion into profession


Zobber is a platform which will help you realise your true passion and transform it into a successful profession. Many people make a wrong career choice from which , beyond a point, coming back becomes extremely difficult.

They may spend the rest of their lives asking themselves – “Why am I doing this?”

It was this “Why” which made us start “ZOBBER” where we connect you to people “you want to be”. We help you understand the realities of the profession directly from real people who are working and have spent adequate time in these professions.

At ZOBBER we call them "EXPERTS" – young, dynamic and successful professionals who can help you understand everything about the profession before you decide to take the plunge into it.

For example, if you are passionate about Fashion photography, but you don't know how to become a fashion photographer and want to know more about the life in this profession, you can book a 1-on-1 session with a Fashion Photographer on Zobber.

Its that simple !!!

From Conventional Professions like Doctors, Architects, Engineers to more Offbeat Professions like wildlife photography , fashion designing , celebrity make up artists , experts at Zobber can tell you everything about what it is like to work in these professions

So go ahead and talk to a expert working in your dream profession....

What can you do on Zobber ?



Find Professions which match your passion


Book a session with an expert working in that profession


Discuss all your doubts regarding that profession


Decide and take the plunge into a profession of your choice

How can Zobber Help you ?

Ask absolutely any doubt regarding the profession you wish to pursue

How it works

Well, its really simple.Really.

About Me

About the Zobber who started Zobber


Priyank Deshmukh   

B.Tech , Computers ( K.J Somaiya C.O.E)
MBA ( Indian Institute of Management , Ranchi )


Head of Career Rescue Operations @ ZOBBER

What I do:

Rescue people from making a mistake in the most crucial decision of the their life :
The question of which career to pursue ?


Our vision at Zobber is to become the Google of Job Profiles & Professions. We would love to bring to you every available profession in world & the experience of a professional working in it. Our goal here is to help you make a career choice based on first hand actual information and not on the basis of what your friend's uncle's neighbour tells you to do with your life.

So if confused about which profession to choose , Keep Calm , Follow Your Passion & Start Zobbing

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