FAQs for Users

Q) How does the call happen ?

When you choose a profession expert you would like to clear your profession doubts with , you have two options

i. Talk to the Expert
By selecting this option you can talk to the expert by giving us 3 probable times when you want to set up the call. Our office will call you up to confirm your booking and freeze a time slot from the 3 probable date & timing provided by you.
On the Scheduled day and at the scheduled time we will set up a conference call with the Profession Expert for the allotted time.

ii. Send a Message
By selecting this option you can chat  or send offline messages to the expert. However it is upto the Experts Discretion to reply to these messages as and when he/she logs into the website.


Q) How do I pay ?

You pay for each call that you schedule through Zobber, depending on the corresponding expert's fees. Some experts do all calls for free, some do their first calls for free, and some charge for all their calls. For more information post call You can also choose to engage with an expert through send a message option.


Q) Can I schedule multiple calls with the same expert?

Absolutely! In fact we have experienced that after a first call with an expert, implementing what you learnt, and then doing a follow-up call adds a lot of clarity to your though process of choosing a profession.


FAQs for Profession Experts

Q) How Do I become a profession Expert on Zobber ?

Simply fill up the form in the last section of the About Us page.We have a rigorous curation mechanism before we approve any profession experts on Zobber, so you might have to wait a little before your profile becomes available to the public.


Q) Who is profession Expert ?

These are young dynamic and successful professionals working in occupations they are passionate about. They have gone through the same difficulty of choosing a profession as most of you would be going through and can understand & answer your doubts before you decide to take the plunge into the profession


Q) What are my obligations as an expert? How much time and resources do I need to commit?

You take the up calls at any of the probable times possible to you and the user.And once you do agree to a call, we expect you to honour that commitment professionally.


Q) What is the incentive for experts?

The incentive for the expert is many-fold. One, it's an opportunity to help students stuck in career-crisis and inspire them to follow their passion , just as you did . Secondly its the good karma that experts gain by sharing their wisdom and experience with young minds. Moreover, most of us already provide advice to people who come to them to seek guidance about the profession and our journey to transforming our passion into a profession.Zbber will help channelize these quries through a curated platform. Experts can even charge for their time and knowledge or choose to offer them for free.


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